Union activity

1.Holding meetings

(1)General meeting( Reiwa 5rd Annual General Assembly )
(2)Other meetings
a.Regular and deputy union leaders' meeting (as needed)
b.Officers' meeting (as needed)
c.Audit meeting (once a year)
d.Secretariat (as needed)

2.Business activities

a.130th anniversary commemorative project implementation (130th anniversary commemorative project implementation)
b.General training business (holding lectures, inspection workshops, etc.)
c.Holding a New Year's party (New Year's party inviting guests)
d.Labor improvement project (creation and distribution of Reiwa 4th year industrial calendar around October) (Survey of union member establishments)
e.Issuance of bookmarks for merchants (issued once a year as union member materials, from July to August)
f.Opinion / request activity (promotion of request activity to the government, etc.)
g.Activities of each committee (activity support to 5 committees by type)
h.Support for youth club activities
i.Operation and utilization of homepage (corresponding at any time)
j.Matters concerning the condolences of union members
k.Support for steel clubs l.Implementation of other immediate projects

Regarding the bookmark of the commercial iron, we planned to replace it with the 130th anniversary commemorative project "Issuing a commemorative magazine", but we will create it separately. Since the Sanjo Summer Festival has been decided to be canceled, business activities have been deleted.

3.Committee activity

Holding social gatherings such as "Summer Forget" and "year-end / New Year Party" for each committee
a.Thick plate / shaped steel committee
b.Sheet committee
c.Special Steel Committee
d.Pipe Committee e.Raw Material Committee

Sanjo Steel Association

ZIP Code: 955-8603

Address: Sanjo Shotetsu Kumiai, Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1-20 Sugoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

The person in charge: Hiroki Ikarashi