(1)General Conference
@@@a.General Conference in 2020: Friday, June 12 at Written resolution
(2) Other Conference
@@@a.Chairman & Vice-Chairmen Conference (At any time)
@@@b.Board Conference (At any time)
@@@c.Auditor Conference (once a year)
@@@d.Director Conference (At any time)

2.Regular Activities and Project

a.Workshop (seminar, lecture for management)
b.Union friendship tour (scheduled to be held in March 2nd year of Reiwa)
c.New Year's Party (with guests)
d.Labor improvement project (creation and distribution of 2020 industrial calendar October)
e.gSanjo Steel Association Guideh Issue (Issued in July as references for member companies)
f.Lobbying (lobbying activities to Local government)
g.Committee (Supporting act for 5 committees)
h.Support for Youth Section Activities
i.Co-sponsoring Sanjo Summer Festival(Fireworks Sponsored)
j.Website Management
k.Congratulatory or Condolence of Member Companies
l.Support for Steel Club Exercise
m.Other projects

* Since the Sanjo Summer Festival was canceled on April 30, this year's sponsorship will also be cancelled.

Lecture in 2nd year of Reiwa
Theme:The world after the Wuhan virus
Speaker: Fumitaka Hayashi
Director, Japan Strategic Information Institute

3.Committee Activities

@@@Parties such as Mid-Summer Party or Year-End Party Held by Each Committee
@@@*Thick Plate, Shaped Plate Committee
@@@*Thin Plate Committee
@@@*Special Steel Committee
@@@*Pipe Committee
@@@*Raw Material Committee

Sanjo Steel Association

ZIP Code: 955-8603

Address: Sanjo Shotetsu Kumiai, Sanjo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1-20 Sugoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

The person in charge: Naoto Gawasawa